How to disconnect only net connections on specific tabs in Google Chrome

2019-06-15WEB Browser

I think that there are few scenes that need to be used, but when you play a specific WEB site or browser game, you may want to temporarily disconnect or shut down the network connection.

At that time, without having to unplug the RAN cable or disconnect the Wifi, Google Chrome makes it possible to use the developer tools to disconnect the network only on certain tabs.

This article will show you how to use Google Chrome to disconnect and shut down your net connection on a specific tab.

How to disconnect a net connection only on a specific tab

Launch developer tools

Use the F12 key shortcut to launch the developer tools in Google Chrome.You can also start with Shift + Ctrl + C.

Launch developer tools

When you start the Developer tool, the Chrome screen is split and the Developer webpage tool is displayed on the right.

Select the Network tab

Select Network from the tab menu at the top of the developer tools.I think that it becomes easy to see and to select it by expanding the display area of the developer tool by selecting from the arrow icon.

Select Network

Check “Offline” To disconnect network connection

If the display area of the developer tool is narrow, you need to widen it.

If the Network tab is selected and there is enough developer tools to display the area, the second menu of the developer tools will have a checkbox called “Offline”, so check it out.

While checked, the website you are viewing is disconnected from your network connection and can be viewed offline.

Reconnect to the network

To reconnect to the network, you will be reconnected by unchecking “Offline”.

Depending on the WEB content you are viewing offline, you may need to do some action, such as reloading.

Offline to check

The developer tools are primarily designed for developers, such as WEB site content and HTML5 games, but they can be used in a variety of applications, so it’s easy to remember.

2019-06-15WEB Browser

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