How to set up a WINDOW10 mobile hotspot


This is a convenient feature of Windows Mobile hotspot Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth connection how to set up and troubleshooting introduction.

What is a mobile hotspot?

WINDOW10 features and mobile hotspots allow you to share your Internet connection with other mobile devices, such as using your computer.

How Mobile hotspots work

The PC is connected to the Internet with a LAN cable, but if you feel that the smartphone is using a Wi-Fi connection and the wireless LAN router that is the Wi-Fi device modem is far from a weak transmission, It is possible to improve the Internet connection status of mobile devices by making the PC a Wi-Fi spot.

In addition, even if the PC and mobile devices both use Wi-Fi connection, because the reception sensitivity is weak depending on the model such as a smartphone, it is also likely to be improved by making it through the PC in the vicinity.

I think that it is almost the case that a mobile hot connection becomes a stable net connection if it is near the PC connected by the LAN cable because it is possible to connect from PC to PC as well as the mobile device from PCS.

Types of mobile hotspot connections

The mobile hot connection type includes a Wi-Fi connection and a Bluetooth connection.

If you’re currently on a laptop, you can set it up without problems with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections.

If you are only using a LAN cable connection on a desktop PC, you must connect the wireless LAN adapter.

If your laptop or desktop PC is a little old, your wireless LAN adapter may not be able to use it as a Wi-Fi relay point (for example, a shared device does not appear in the Wi-Fi spot list).

In that case, I think that it is good to try the method of the Bluetooth connection.

How to share with a Wi-Fi connection

Select “Mobile Hotspot” from “Windows Settings”-“Network and Internet”.

Setting up mobile hotspots

If you already have a connected Bluetooth device, you’ll see a choice of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, but if you have a Wi-Fi connection, choose Wi-Fi in share your Internet connection.

Turn on the mobile hotspot.

You can set and change the network name and network password to be used for mobile hotspot connection.

In this state, select a Wi-Fi connection from a device, such as a connected mobile device, and select the network name that is set in Windows in the list, By entering the password, Wi-Fi connection is available via WindowsPC.

For Android smartphones, go to “settings”-“Wi-Fi”-“ON”-“SELECT from Wi-Fi spot list”-“Password input”.

Choose from Wi-Fi list

If it doesn’t appear in the Wi-Fi spot list

If you do not see the network name in the Wi-Fi spot list in the previous steps, it may appear as a reboot of the WindowsPC or device terminal.

Also, the wireless LAN adapter that is connected to your PC may not be working.In this case, a Bluetooth connection might work well.

How to share with a Bluetooth connection

This is a way to share your Internet connection using Bluetooth, rather than using Wi-Fi to share with your Internet connection.

First, if a device, such as a smartphone that connects to a PC, is not paired with Bluetooth, it will be set up first.

Pairing settings on the WINDOWS10 side

Turn on Bluetooth in Windows Settings-devices-Bluetooth and other devices.

In this state, the Bluetooth setting of the WINDOWS10 PC is set up from a device such as a smartphone.

Device-Side pairing settings

The device-side pairing method is various by the device, but I think that it is almost a smartphone and a tablet terminal because it is the thing to do the Internet connection this time.

In the terminal settings, select Bluetooth on the PC side to connect.

The PIN code will be issued, so check the “set pair code” (Android smart phone).

On the Windows10PC side, you will receive the PIN code and the confirmation screen is displayed, so check the PIN code match and select Yes.

Check the PIN code Windows10PC

Mobile hotspot (Bluetooth) settings on the Windows10PC side

Select “Bluetooth” from “Windows Settings”-“Network and Internet” and “mobile hotspot” to turn it on.(If it was set to “Wi-Fi”), the switch will be changed.)

Turn on mobile hotspot with Bluetooth

When “Bluetooth” is checked in the “mobile hotspot” on the Windows10PC side, check whether it is connected by the list of Bluetooth settings of the mobile to connect.

By checking the Internet connection in the settings, you can connect to the network via Bluetooth.

Allow Internet access

If it doesn’t appear in the list of connected devices, the connection might not be working properly.

For a carrier smartphone, it’s easy to see if you disconnect and check the network communication of your Wi-Fi carrier.

What to check if you can’t connect to a mobile hotspot

Setting up a network profile

Check to see if the network profile settings are public.

“Windows10 Settings”-“Network and Internet”-“state”-“Change connection Properties”.

Mobile hot on Wi-Fi doesn’t show Network name in list

Check if Wi-Fi WiFi adapter is connected.

It may be improved by restarting the Windows10PC or the device once.

Mobile hotspot does not turn on with Bluetooth

Check if Bluetooth is turned on in “Windows Settings”-“devices”.


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